Sulzer Marine Main Diesel Engine

Model Power(kw) Speed(rpm)
Sulzer 5RT-flex50 Power 8100 kw Speed 124 rpm
Sulzer 6RT-flex50 Power 9720 kw Speed 124 rpm
Sulzer 7RT-flex50 Power 11340 kw Speed 124 rpm
Sulzer 8RT-flex50 Power 12960 kw Speed 124 rpm
Sulzer 5RT-flex58T-B Power 10900 kw Speed 105 rpm
Sulzer 6RT-flex58T-B Power 13080 kw Speed 105 rpm
Sulzer 7RT-flex58T-B Power 15260 kw Speed 105 rpm
Sulzer 8RT-flex58T-B Power 17440 kw Speed 105 rpm
Sulzer 5RT-flex60C Power 11800 kw Speed 114 rpm
Sulzer 6RT-flex60C Power 14160 kw Speed 114 rpm
Sulzer 7RT-flex60C Power 16520 kw Speed 114 rpm
Sulzer 8RT-flex60C Power 18880 kw Speed 114 rpm
Sulzer 9RT-flex60C Power 21240 kw Speed 114 rpm
Sulzer 5RT-flex68T-B Power 15350 kw Speed 95 rpm
Sulzer 6RT-flex68T-B Power 18420 kw Speed 95 rpm
Sulzer 7RT-flex68T-B Power 21490 kw Speed 95 rpm
Sulzer 8RT-flex68T-B Power 24560 kw Speed 95 rpm
Sulzer 5RT-flex84T-D Power 21000 kw Speed 76 rpm
Sulzer 6RT-flex84T-D Power 25200 kw Speed 76 rpm
Sulzer 7RT-flex84T-D Power 29400 kw Speed 76 rpm
Sulzer 8RT-flex84T-D Power 33600 kw Speed 76 rpm
Sulzer 9RT-flex84T-D Power 37800 kw Speed 76 rpm
Sulzer 6RT-flex96C Power 34320 kw Speed 102 rpm
Sulzer 7RT-flex96C Power 40040 kw Speed 102 rpm
Sulzer 8RT-flex96C Power 45760 kw Speed 102 rpm
Sulzer 9RT-flex96C Power 51480 kw Speed 102 rpm
Sulzer 10RT-flex96C Power 57200 kw Speed 102 rpm
Sulzer 11RT-flex96C Power 62920 kw Speed 102 rpm
Sulzer 12RT-flex96C Power 68640 kw Speed 102 rpm
Sulzer 14RT-flex96C Power 80080 kw Speed 102 rpm


Model Power
kw hp
Sulzer 5RTA48T-B Power 7275 kw Power 9900 hp
Sulzer 6RTA48T-B Power 8730 kw Power 11880 hp
Sulzer 7RTA48T-B Power 10185 kw Power 13860 hp
Sulzer 8RTA48T-B Power 11640 kw Power 15840 hp
Sulzer 5RTA58T-B Power 10625 kw Power 14450 hp
Sulzer 6RTA58T-B Power 12750 kw Power 17340 hp
Sulzer 7RTA58T-B Power 14875 kw Power 20230 hp
Sulzer 8RTA58T-B Power 17000 kw Power 23120 hp
Sulzer 5RTA68T-B Power 14700 kw Power 2000 hp
Sulzer 6RTA68T-B Power 17640 kw Power 24000 hp
Sulzer 7RTA68T-B Power 20580 kw Power 28000 hp
Sulzer 8RTA68T-B Power 23520 kw Power 32000 hp

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