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China’s CRIminal law states that those convicted of female or child trafficking should be sentenced to imprisonment of up to 10 years, while those convicted of child larceny will receive punishment ranging from a minimum of 10 years in prison to the death penalty.
of inappropriate content. CCTV’s Jin Yingqiao looks at the positive influence and the dark side of this burgeoning market.Online streaming host Gouge is broadcasting himself.Tens of thousands of his fans are watching him live.His fans follow him whe
layers have shown good form so far. They have put their jet lag behind them, he said.China has sent 308 athletes to compete in 328 events at this year’s Paralympics. It is the largest Paralympic delegation that China has ever sent overseas.Zeng Cheng
yuan joins the Special Drawing Right in October, more and more Chinese companies will be able to get cross-border financing in the future. Moreover, companies can even use the yuan directly in international trade.China’s renminbi will officially joi
al instruments and accessories are being exhibited at the ongoing Music China Expo in Pudong, Shanghai. The four-day fair offers products from 1,900 manufacturers, most of them from China.Wide range of musical instruments on exhibitZhou Li, owner of
3,346 musicians and as many as 500 bands depicted on the murals of the Dunhuang grottos. The huge amount of material has been a source of inspiration for the Oscar-winning musician Tan Dun since 2014.For the past two years, he has been going to the G
said Daniel Traub, author of Little North Road.They’re the faces of migrant workers from Africa living in Guangzhou, where many had come to buy goods to resell back home.I came across this neighborhood that’s known as Xiaobeilu or Little North Road,