Ship Repair & Machinery

Ship Machinery Repair (All Over the World, in All the Ports with Us)

In our workshops we have all the machines, which any engineering work can be carried out.
With our experience and well-qualified personnel we can perform maintenance and repairs
On situ, in main engines, diesel generators, turbines, pumps, etc.

24Hour support- regular technical staff fully educated

Some of the repairs and maintenance performed by us are listed below:

• In external combustion engines(turbines, cargo pumps etc);
• In internal combustion engines two and four strokes of the following makers:


• Remetaling of bearings with white metal;
• Reconditioning of piston head;
• Reconditioning of exhaust valve including nimonic;
• Placing and alining engines of any type with and without reduction gear;
• Repairs and overhauling in auxiliary machines as pumps, purifiers, fans etc.;
• We can placing and any kind of machines on board vessels or in factories;
• Repairing of any kind of hydraulic equipment as anchor winches, mooring winches, steering gears, cranes, pumps etc.;
• Any kind of dry-docking works as over board valves, tailshafts, propellers, rudders, sea water suction filters etc.;
• Machining in situ any kind of machines as mooring winches brake drums, housing of cargo pumps, housing of rudders bushes etc.;
• Repair and overhauling in situ electric equipment as generators, motors etc.

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