MTU Engine Repair

Engine Repair

We have the ability of voyage repair and overhaul of the international famous brand engine and  we have the world’s most advanced internal combustion engine test bed which can carry out the test of the 8000kw high speed diesel engine. We can  provide W1-W6 level maintenance service of MAN, MTU, CAT, CUMMINS engines include water engine、underwater engine and land engine.
Our repair range includes diesel engine, gasoline engine, gas engine, dual fuel engine and generator set.


MTU Engine Repair

We have complete sets of MTU engine repair facilities and technology.

We have technical staff who are trained and certified from MTU , can provide best maintenance and repair facilities of MTU marine main engine. ,power generators, locomotive engine W1-W6 level.

Services included: measuring parts, machine maintenance, spare parts supply, test bench, refurbishment equipment

Maintenance models:
MTU 396
MTU 956
MTU 1163
MTU 2000
MTU 4000
MTU 8000
MTU 400
MTU 1000
MTU 1100
MTU 1300
MTU 1500
and other old, discontinued models.

We not only repair engines of merchant ship but also offer many services to troops warships. We keep a long-term cooperation with clients by professional technical team, excellent facilities, reliable quality, enthusiasm and meticulous service, excellent price.

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